My name is Vincenzo and I own the Cianfagna Winery, created in 1860. The winery itself was established in 1999 when I took over from my father Pasquale. My goal has always been to connect family tradition with passionately cared-for grapes, in order to create a high quality and genuine wine.

Our vineyards are located on a hill about 500m above sea level in Acquaviva Collecroce, in the Molise hinterland about 30km from the coast and 70km from the region's capital Campobasso. The attention and care we have for the vineyard is the result of our family’s respect and love for the land, as well as, my studies of agronomy. We raise healthy grapes to produce a high quality wine using traditional techniques, without any sophistication and without the fixed support of an oenologist -- just like our ancestors did when they made wine for their own consumption.

Acquaviva Collecroce is a village of Croatian origins of 614 inhabitants. The presence of abundant water determined both the choice of site for the settlement and the name of the village, Acquaviva, to which the word Collecroce was later added. The town's fountains were used in ancient times for doing laundry and for drawing water for domestic use with the so-called Tine di rame.

On the way to the fountain, the Tina was carried on the arm and on the way back, full of water, it was carried on the head using a spiral cloth called Spara. The water was usually fetched by young women, who were forced to queue for hours to wait their turn with great enthusiasm, however, because it allowed them to meet handsome young men on the streets and be courted.