My name is Marialucia, I am from Lupara and I am an engineer. I collaborate with my parents in the family winery, to produce wine. All this comes from my father Pasquale: the central piece in the family farm who planted a native grape from Molise: the Tintilia.

We decided to call our product Tintilia Lagatta, as my mother’s surname, because it identifies our family, our company and also because somehow we have always been surrounded by cats. Our vineyard is mainly cared for by my father, a great perfectionist and connoisseur, and my mother, a great worker. While my partner, my sister and me, we mainly deal with marketing and promotion. The harvest is done exclusively by hand: there is a strict selection of grapes and our final product is only the best part of the harvest.

The harvest, as well as being a work phase, is an opportunity of meeting and sharing: the time flows without rush, and we harvest with a pleasant calm, away from the frenetic rhythms of everyday life. We follow the time of nature, allowing us to appreciate the value of staying together. We produce about 3000 bottles a year. Only what the harvest can give us. Our project is not just a business need, but a deep passion and dedication for the land.

Lupara is a beautiful small village in Molise, born on a hill that offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes, ranging from the mountain of Matese to the Tremiti Islands. A village of about 500 inhabitants characterized by a typical old town, mastered by a wonderful castle, with an enchanting garden, and the main church. Our vineyard is located near the river Biferno, and its the ideal place to take a walk among the vines, a picnic or just stop to appreciate the water’s flow and the sounds of nature, which create a relaxing and regenerative atmosphere.