My name is Giuseppe and I manage Terra Madre farm. After my studies in Florence, where I graduated in architecture, I came back to Molise. Here I decided to invest in a project which talks about territory, agriculture, traditions, tourism, and innovation.

Founded in 2012, my farm aims to create a multifunctional company, to rediscover local products (mainly ancient cereals) and to host people from all around the world, through tourism and educational projects.

The company works with spelt, the staple food of the Samnite population. In my 30 hectares of land, I grow cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruit, olive trees and vineyards, all certified organic in order to respect the land, the environment and the consumers.

My farm is located in the heart of Parco delle Morge, between the municipalities of Fossalto and Salcito. A few minutes from my farm there is also a very beautiful village of about 200 inhabitants, called Pietracupa: the etymology of this name means “stone”, since it is built on an enormous calcareous rock, the "Morgia", and of the adjective “cupa”, which in Latin means "barrel", in reference to numerous rupestrian settlements still visible on it. In the heart of “Morgia stone” there is an ancient rock church, restored to worship in the last century, inside which there is a sixteenth-century crucifix, a stationary stone cross and an altar formed by the millstone of an old mill.