I'm Salvatore. My project is called Essentia Dimora Rurale, an experience where you can immerse yourself in cultural, gastronomical and natural riches. My farm allows you to enjoy incredible flavors and the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Every day I put much effort in offering the highest quality products.

In our fields we cultivate with care ancient grains, legumes, vegetables and olive trees. Some of them are dedicated to our grandparents as a tribute to the love and passion for nature and for the genuineness they have given us. For our guests we prepare special baskets of natural products, which include: extra virgin olive oil, the mix of Grani Antichi, chickpeas and tomatoes from Molise as farm-to-table products.

Our company was born from the desire to combine the beauty of the place with our skills, regarding the tourist reception and the production of food and wine treasures. We grow and harvest the fruits of the earth to create artisanal preparations that can be tasted during stays at Essentia Dimora Rurale. Our greatest motivation is based on sharing this with our guests

Larino is considered, within the region of Molise, a historical and cultural attraction. The city of Larino used to be an important municipium, that is, a well-rooted Roman town community, observable even today visiting the evocative ruins of the amphitheater and the ancient villas. The streets of Larino are inhabited by less than 500 people, which is why it is called the small pearl of the province of Campobasso.