My name is Pardo and I own the Di Marzo farm in Rotello. Since I was a child, I showed a strong passion for agriculture and my homeland. I decided to follow in the footsteps of my grandparents, making a last generation tomato factory and an exclusive production of tomato sauces and peeled tomatoes.

I restored the old country house and reactivated the farm-to-table tomatoes, always remembering the processing methods used by my grandparents. Our fields are located very close to our factory, so you can pick tomatoes, transport them to the farm and process them in the shortest time possible.

Our traditional cultivation methods do not require the use of insecticides or chemicals: in fact, our tomatoes are completely organic and the harvest takes place in different stages, so you always have fresh tomatos, just picked during the processing phase. Bottling takes place directly on the farm, and the entire production cycle lasts no more than 24 hours. We produce a limited amount of tomato sauce and peeled tomatoes, to ensure the highest quality and attention to our consumers.

Rotello is a very ancient village of 1000 inhabitants, surrounded by nature and silence. In the old town one can still find some ancient ruins and an old castle, open to visitors. In the village there is also an Olive Oil Museum, created by Donna Amalia Massari, which preserves old tools of the country life and describes the ancient olive oil method of production.