My name is Matteo, a young farmer from S.Croce di Magliano. Since I was a child, I have been in love with nature. Love and passion for my land brought me, in 2018, to start a new adventure on beekeeping and to produce honeybee. Observing the land transformations season by season, admiring the nature flowering with flowers and fruits, made me think about the essential role of bees. They are a fundamental element of our ecosystem, regarding everything we eat, and for preserving plants and animals.

I manage 60 beehives and I produce only Millefiori purissimo honey 100% produced bybees, with no added chemicals and no preservatives or dyes. Our honey is the result of passion and real care for our bees.

Santa Croce di Magliano, is an amazing village of about 4000 inhabitants, located on a hilltop, just north of the Fortore river. S. Croce boasts a vast and delightful panorama: for three quarters you can see hills and mountains, among which stands out, to the north-west, the top of the Majella with its beautiful whitewashed peaks. To the south-east you can admire the long strip of Adriatic Sea that goes from Termoli almost to Manfredonia. On the clearest days you can clearly see the group of the Tremiti Islands.

At the entrance of the village, one can see the Torre Magliano’s walls: an ancient legend says that this tower is connected to the town center through a tunnel, which ends in the area called Quartetto. According to this legend the tunnel was an escape route used in case of emergencies when attacked by adversaries or other enemies. The tower built at the top of a hill was a great tool of defense.