My name is Giulia, I am an olive oil producer and a theatre lover. I studied Performing Arts in Turin and in Poland. In 2018, I decided to come back to my roots and renovate my grandparent’s farm in Rotello, transforming it in an artistic residency.

I also resumed my family’s tradition of producing extra virgin olive oil, creating a brand named Donna Giulia. Our olive grove has 160 secular olive trees, which are each more than 200 years old. We take care of them one by one, using only natural and organic fertilizers and insecticides, to preserve nature and the bees.

Our extra virgin olive oil is a farm-to-table product: the distance between the olive grove and the olive oil factory is about 100m. When the olives are collected, they are immediately brought to the factory, and they don't get polluted during the very short transport. We harvest, press and pour the bottles in less than 24h, to obtain the best quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Rotello is a very ancient village of 1000 inhabitants, surrounded by nature and silence. In the old town there areancient ruins and an old castle open to visitors. In the village there is also an Olive Oil Museum, created by Donna Amalia Massari, which preserves old tools of the country life and describes the ancient olive oil method of production.

Selected product

The Molise Farm team carefully chooses a single product for each farmer. For Giulia we have selected a bottle of extra virgin olive oil – 500ml. You can buy this product on our shop.