I am Francesco and for over twenty years I have been managing the family business of the same name, an apple planation. The products that we sell with great satisfaction, speak of me and of those who, in the past, allowed me to deeply love the land that I now look after every day.

My activity is concentrated in the period of the year that goes from mid-August to the end of October, months in which I harvest many varieties of apples. Besides apples, I also grow vines, olives, fruits of various kinds and raise chickens, goats, pigs and rabbits.

In addition to the above, I work and collaborate constantly in cooperation with a reception center for minors in Casacalenda, formerly called SPRAR, hosting many non-EU children, and then involving them in job training projects.

The pleasure of cultivating the land often merges with supporting young people who want to get involved and become a part of our society by making their own contribution.

Everything I do stems from the pleasure of carrying on family traditions, blending them with social charities that, in turn, enrich me as a professional and as a person. Lately, living and working with Ghanaian children has made me feel fully satisfied with everything I have managed to build up until now.

Casacalenda is a charming town in Molise, situated among uneven hills, wheat fields and centuries-old olive groves. A number of contemporary art installations have been placed in various parts of the town, creating a veritable open-air museum. The origins of this town are very ancient, dating back to the period of the II Punic War, when it was already an important commercial center.