My name is Francesca, I am 40 years old and I was born and raised on these lands. I chose to stay and build my future here with my family. I love my job and I do it with seriousness, innovation and constancy.

I am a modern-day woman and a keeper of the territory. I observe nature and learn from it every day. I reap her fruits, according to the natural cycle of time.

I work with the milk of my animals and their meat, restoring dignity to sacrifices, because the best products are made only with respect.

I live daily in contact with a territory that needs to be understood and rediscovered, and with my constant research, I try to invent new products to enhance them.

Fresh and aged cheeses, organic oil, and ancient flours. All as tradition teaches and #comeBioComanda.

Come visit me at my company, where modernity and tradition come together and where the future is built with patience and perseverance in which we learn from nature.